“New Year Baby shines a powerful compassionate light on a dark period in history few of us know enough about and nothing will move you like the resilience and extraordinary courage that this documentary reveals.

- Junot Díaz

MIT - Nancy Allen Professor

Pulitzer Prize Winner

“New Year Baby is a powerful evocation of family and refugee history - a thoroughly American theme.”

- Franklin Odo PhD.

The Smithsonian Institution

Washington DC

“One of the best films I've seen in years! This is an excellent resource for educators across the country.

- Scott Sherman

Princeton University - Visiting Lecturer on Social Change

UC Berkeley Outstanding Teaching Award Winner

“I invited Socheata to present this to my Leadership class at Yale; there are parts of this move that will make you say “Wow.”

- Daylian Cain, PhD.

Assistant Professor

Yale School of Management

“New Year Baby was an excellent, captivating, accessible, personal means through which to learn about the little known, seldom taught Cambodian genocide.”

- Aya S. Murata

Dean, Pine Knoll Cluster

Andover Phillips Academy

“A touching, personal journey highlighted by gripping first-person accounts... New Year Baby is a powerful story that will speak to educators and students alike.”

- Karen Jungblat

Shoah Foundation Institute for Visual History and Education

University of Southern California

“New Year Baby raises fundamental questions about family, diaspora experience and the legacy of genocide. I plan to use it in my classes on genocide.”

- Alex Hinton

Author of Why Did They Kill? Cambodia in the Shadow of Genocide

Director, Center for the Study of Genocide and Human Rigts, Rutgers University

“This is an amazing film that should be screened in schools across the U.S. Socheata's work is beautiful and empowering.”

- Molly Moran

Outreach Directory

Yale Council on Middle East Studies

“Socheata Poeuv is an engaging speaker who touches the hearts of her audience... New Year Baby is brilliantly and sensitively filmed.”

- Laura Rossi-Le

Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Endicott College

“The film is very appropriate for students in middle school through the high school and college levels... The uplifting and humorous side of the film will touch students who will also be moved by the heavier segments. Congratulations!”

- Stephanie Spaulding

Hamden Hall Country Day School

“This is a great eye-opener about this issue! This is a great teaching tool.

- Polly Ash

Sullivan West High School — NY

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