About New Year Baby

This is the first documentary directed by a Cambodian-American woman about her family's surivival.

We recommend you watch with someone you love.

I was born on Cambodian New Year in a Thai refugee amp and my parents never told me how I got there. NEW YEAR BABY is my personal documentary - a search for truth about how my family survived the Khmer Rouge genocide and why they buried the truth for so long.

My parents used to embarrass me. They were oddballs, awkward immigrants who still fermented fish in the kitchen and sprouted mung beans in the bathtub.

All this time, I thought they were holding me back. The truth is my parents carried me further than I can imagine -- across the border, over landmines and across the ocean to a new life in America. My birth marked the end of the horror and the beginning of a future.

Before I knew their story, I couldn't even see my parents for who they are.

We want to move and inspire Americans and the world with this story of love, joy & pardon. Our promise is to share New Year Baby with 100 million people in 10 years, transforming a conversation of victimhood and shame into one of heroism and honor. Join us for the journey.

-Socheata Poeuv

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Produced by: Broken English Productions
Co-Produced by: Dark Matter Creative
Fiscal Sponsor: Women Make Movies
ITVS Open Call Funding Award
Center for Asian American Media Fund Award
Funding provided by:
Corporation for Public Broadcasting
Episcopal Bishop of Los Angeles
New York State Council for the Arts Funding Award
Official Selection: IFP/New York Market and Conference 2004
Asian American Arts Alliance Member
Movies That Matter Foundation Funding Award
Asian American/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy Funding Award