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New Year Baby serves as a powerful tool for educators to teach about the Cambodian genocide. Screen the film, begin a conversation, and empower your students to take action.

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PBS New Year Baby Discussion Guide

Offers questions, steps for action, and additional resources for your classroom.


"New Year Baby excels on all fronts. I was particularly drawn by the director's candid portrayals...and the tensions surrounding unknowns and suspicions and discoveries and resolutions."

Picture of Gary Y. Okihiro

Gary Y. Okihiro
Professor of International and Public Affairs
Department of Sociology
Columbia University

"New Year Baby is an invaluable documentary to teach students about the tragic, and enduring consequences of the Khmer Rouge on 'ordinary' victims. Students are able to connect immediately with the contemporary consequences of the genocide."

Picture of Gary Y. Okihiro

Laurel Fletcher
Professor of Law
Director, International Human Rights Law Clinic
University of California Berkeley

"New Year Baby shines a powerful compassionate light on a dark period in history few of us know enough about and nothing will move you like the resilience and extraordinary courage that this documentary reveals."

Picture of Gary Y. Okihiro

Junot Diaz
Author, Drown & The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
Pulitzer Prize Winner
Nancy Allen Professor
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"New Year Baby was an excellent, captivating, accessible, personal means through which to learn about the little known, seldom taught Cambodian genocide."

Aya S. Murata
Dean, Andover Phillips Academy

"My parents are refugees from Cambodia and they lived through the genocide as well...As I watched the film, I kept picturing my parents in that situation and how much they suffered...It's like you said: Cambodia has an invisible history. It isn't taught in school... [T]hank you for opening my eyes to a part of my family's history."

Melissa Chong
Student in Professor Lisa Lowe’s U.S. Wars and Asia course
University of California, San Diego

Background Reading

To aid your teaching, we have compiled a reading list designed to compliment the film and to further your students' understanding of the Cambodian genocide. You can browse and purchase the books via this Amazon Book List.